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We are the first company in Greece that applies specialized and high tech tools
that allow us to remain at the top of our industry and play a very constitutional
role in achieving customer goals and maintaining our success.

GIS Analysis

For the excellent design of each distribution program, SmartBoxx uses GIS ArcMap, a set of tools for collecting, storing, retrieving, analyzing and displaying geographic and demographic data, and includes, in addition to software, special devices for data entry and map creation.
In this way we offer unique possibilities and flexible use of license for the application of detailed data based on location in your business practices.


The use of a system that combines 81 demographic variables and 194 lifestyle variables (travel, entertainment, use of financial products, etc.), allows us to design cost-effective Direct Marketing campaigns, perfectly targeted at the Common – Customer Objective.


Τhe global system for locating a geographic location, real estate or mobile user, which is equipped with special tracking devices and provides us with accurate information about the location of a point, its altitude and direction.


Innovation in Direct Marketing services.
SmartBoxx, still a pioneer in the field of Direct Marketing, presents SOYOS, a new web and mobile application that utilizes new technologies in order to optimize services to its customers. With the use of SOYOS (Field Work Management System) in a project, it is achieved in the most efficient way:

  • The planning,
  • The management,
  • Monitoring/control (and real time),
  • Exporting reports,
  • And the use of demographic data and digital maps that have been integrated into the software to optimize all of the above.

About us

Our principle is to listen carefully to the Communication Needs of our Customer, designing Direct Marketing Campaigns with maximum efficiency.
The use of the most modern technology, both in Design and Program Control, makes us the only company in Greece that controls the implementation of all its Programs in real-time, while informing its Customers about the evolution of each distribution!.
Your message will reach any destination safely, quickly, accurately and with responsibility!

Distribution Design

Some of the key points of a distribution program design

  • Distribution plan creation: After selecting the appropriate proposal, the appropriate plan for the optimal distribution is created.
  • Distribution: With our highly trained staff and the huge pan-Hellenic network, the distribution takes place.
  • Back Checking Control: Aiming at the maximum quality of our services, a check is made after the end of each distribution.
  • We are the largest Greek company in its field with many years of experience and expertise. We reach 3,500,000 households throughout Greece
  • We visit every household 5 times a year
  • We have a large fleet of vehicles to meet your needs
  • We are the only company in its field that simultaneously applies two top tools of mapping and processing of geographical and demographic data ARC GIS of ESRI and GPS system as well as the standard application of real time distribution control SOYOS
  • It is one of the few companies in the industry that is certified with Quality Management System ISO9001:2015
  • We have a General and Special License from Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ. which enables us to become an “alternative mail”
  • We are selected as a member of ELMA (European Letterbox Marketing Association)
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