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Distribution of printed brochures and samples is the most traditional
method of distribution and is divided into 4 main categories:

Door to Door distribution

During distribution, the separate groups enter the apartment buildings and leave a printed or special sample package on each door.
The Door to Door distribution, depending on the Communication needs of each Customer, can also be designed as:
  • Knock and Drop distribution
  • Knock and Wait distribution
  • Knock and Promote distribution

Mailbox Distribution

Mailbox distribution is one of the most common and effective distribution methods.

The teams cover the agreed areas, distributing the printed brochures to the mailboxes of the houses and shops.

Distribution in fixed locations

The distribution of fixed locations is carried out by distributors, in selected busy places, such as:
  • Pedestrian streets
  • Commercial streets
  • Stations
  • Squares
  • Shopping malls

Also distribution can be carried out during traffic lights to passing cars or parked cars windshields.

Smart Bag

Always looking for smart ways for your Company’s message to reach consumers, we have created a new innovative product, especially popular abroad.
A bag full of advertisements will go to every Greek house every month and will be the best ally of the public in its purchasing decisions.
It can also be a tailor-made action, aimed exclusively at an audience of your choice, at a time and place that you desire.
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