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Distribution Program Design:

As the largest Greek company in Letterbox Marketing, PostBoxx can meet any distribution need across Greece and Europe.

  • Precise planning before the start of a campaign
  • Choosing the right way, time and place of execution
  • Appropriate executives and control tools
  • These are the elements that ensure the reliability, efficiency and safety of the distribution

Trust us, we are the solution for your Direct Marketing:

Our long-term experience is what allows us to handle each distribution separately and individually for each of our customers, always guided by the communication policy and the desired end result, designing its distribution very carefully with the necessary tools at our disposal.

We visit thousands if not millions of households each year distributing millions of promotional materials to our customers throughout Greece (cities, villages and islands) with our experienced staff and network of partners in Greece and Cyprus.

PostBoxx is the company that can undertake and carry out any distribution, having partnerships with both major wholesale and retail companies as well as with smaller ones, all you have to do is trust us and contact us so that we can start planning your next distribution together.

We are the solution for your direct marketing.

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